Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Overdrive or Distortion??

     Are you confused if you're going to get an Overdrive pedal or a Distortion pedal? First, check the genre that you will be playing, (is it for solos or riffs). Second check your influences, and at least get the idea of the sound you're trying to achieve. Good knowledge of the tone you’re trying to get will result to a good tone.

Distortion is like a generic term for all the Dirt pedals. This can be Overdrive, Fuzz, Distortion or Metal. So this means Overdrive is a type of Distortion. In my opinion Overdrive is like the sound of a motorbike engine and Distortion sound like a chain saw cutting or slashing a metal object.

Here are some tips before getting your Dirt pedal

             If you’re aiming for clean and warm over drive. I suggest get a good overdrive like Ibanez Ts9, Ibanez Ts808, Digitech Bad Monkey, Boss OD-3 or Boss SD-1. 

If you want that overdriven sound but has a touch 
of some dirt you may try Boss BD-2, Boss OS-2, or MXR Dist+

If you’re a fan of classic rock or Grunge you can get Boss Ds1, Boss Ds2, Digitech Hothead or a Vox Satchurator. 

Lastly if you’re into metal you might try Boss MT-2, Boss MD-2, Boss ML-2, Digitech Metal Master or an MXR Dime Distortion. 

Always remember each of them has its own characteristics and variety of sounds they will have a certain sweet spot when it comes to your choice of tone!

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  1. sana one time, makagamit din ako ng ganitong gadgets.=)

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