Friday, September 24, 2010

Stomp Box against Multi-effects

       After purchasing your guitar amp the second thing on your mind is getting an effect pedal which can spice up your songs or even adding a different tone to your face melting solos. Effect pedal is a guitar gadget. Instead of directly plugging your guitar to your amplifier, you plug-in your instrument to the effect pedal and it will modify the tone of your instrument.  There are two kinds of Effect pedals which are “Stomp boxes” and the “Multi-effect” units.

            Stomp Boxes are single effect units wherein you place on the floor and step them to switch from a clean tone to a distorted or modulated effect going to your amplifier. In this type of pedal you can choose which pedal will suit your needs. One of the biggest advantages for this is that you can easily replace the stomp box from the pedal board if it gets broken or if you find another pedal that sounds better than what you have. The Disadvantages for this is that sometimes the unit that you want is difficult to find.

             Multi-effects units are compact effect pedals which stores a lot of overdrive/distortion or modulation effects. It has effects which the manufacturer has set and you can combine those effects in one patch. The good thing about this is that, it is sometimes it tends to be a lot cheaper than combining each stomp box.  The sad thing about this type of pedal is that sometimes you can’t really appreciate some of the patches, and once it is broken you lost it all since it came from one box.

            Effect pedals are quite expensive and a little bit addictive. Before buying an effect pedal make sure you also check for sound quality and durability compare to other brands.



  1. Stomp boxes are what I would go for if I would buy one. I would need to learn to use each effect, too, in case.

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  2. I also would prefer stomp boxes since they are specialized. However, in terms of multiple sound patches found in multieffects are very economical, and recent developments actually make these multieffects more efficient because you use or download software instead of analog sound processors. Due to that you can actualy save your sound patch and hopefully if things go bad, you can easily install your sounds again.

  3. multi effects it is also convenient because you can get 3 or more effect(e.g overdrive delay and phaser) in just one step. Unlike with stomp boxes you need to step on 3 or more stompbox in that case. That's why most musicians have multieffects on their pedal board.